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Store Marketing - February 11, 2020

How Fashion Nova beats out Dior and Gucci to Become the Most Googled Fashion Brand in the World

Fashion Nova is a MASSIVE hit in the world of fashion: Generated more than $400 million within just 18 months after launching their website. A tailor-made Instagram brand with over 20M total followers on three different accounts. The value of Fashion Nova’s social media exposure is more than that of…

By: Emma Tran

Dropshipping - February 3, 2020

February mini contest – How did you make your first sale? #MyFirstSale

So you’ve finally taken the plunge. You’ve started your own eCommerce store and got your first real customer ever. Take a few seconds to recall that memory… It’s a sparkling moment. As everyone always says, that feeling you get when you see that first sale is not something that could…

By: Michelle