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Store Marketing - November 14, 2019

A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads for eCommerce

Having problems with eCommerce customers adding products to cart but leaving without making any purchases and converting into sales? This situation can have unwanted impacts on the conversion rate in your online store. So how can online sellers fix this problem and retarget lost visitors to make them come back…

By: Lavendaire Ng

Product Announcements - November 12, 2019

ShopBase and Shopify: What are the Differences?

Looking for Shopify alternatives? Meet ShopBase. Today we’ll show you the differences between ShopBase and Shopify. Then, you’ll determine what’s best for your business when evaluating eCommerce platforms.  To get started, take a look at the nature of each platform:  ShopBase: ShopBase is the first white-label, dropshipping, and print on…

By: Lavendaire Ng